Arena & Grounds Rules COVID-19

BS Guernsey (Guernsey Equestrian LBG)
Applicable to all members
  1. The only gate to be used will be the main gate on Le Chemin Le Roi. All other gates including the
    one on the green lane to remain closed and unused. Entry via the gate by electronic remote key fob
    for those members who have them. For anyone using the manual keypad, hand sanitizer will be
    provided at the gate and MUST be used to clean hands upon entry and exit. You MUST also spray the
    keypad on entry and exit after use.
    The States have asked that you only hack to the showground if you normally do so, or if you stable
    your horse within a half mile radius of the grounds. Please do not use the showground as a base to
    hack out from.
  2. Entry is not permitted when another member is on site. This should not happen if members abide
    by the booking rules below, but incidents do happen that may affect someone’s departure, so please
    be aware. If this is not adhered to please inform the committee. If you know you are not going to be
    able to leave on time, please try and contact a Committee member so we can advise the next
    booking accordingly.
  3. The arena can only be hired, at any one time, by a single rider or rider(s) from the same
    It is preferable that you do attend with another member of your own household for safety reasons.
    This person does not have to be a member of BS but is not allowed under any circumstances to ride a
    You cannot bring an instructor at this time, we are allowing entry to the grounds with States of
    Guernsey permission, and purely for the purpose of exercising your horse(s) in a safe and controlled
  4. The only arena to be used is the all-weather, and entry to the arena is via the main gate by the
    small warm up area only. Hand sanitizer is to be used to clean hands prior to opening the gate and
    after exiting. Please use the rope to open and close. Please do not touch or lean on the fencing or sit
    on the stands.
  5. Please restrict your activity to the main car/horsebox parking area and all-weather arena only – all
    other areas are strictly off limits.
  6. No equipment or facilities of any kind belonging to the club are to be used, and you may only use
    the arena for the purpose of flatwork – no jumps please.
  7. You must bring your own water, and any other equipment needed including a first aid kit, noting
    the limitation in use in 6 above.
  8. All droppings must be picked up and removed by yourselves, again using your own equipment,
    and then taken home.
  9. Do not bring any other pets to the site.
  10. Clubhouse facilities are out of bounds, including the lavatory.

Arena bookings

  1. You can book the arena (via the normal online booking system at for an
    hour (on the hour) and must arrive at your allotted time and leave within 45mins to allow a
    minimum of a 15-minute gap between bookings e.g. If you have booked 10am, arrive at 10am and
    leave by 10.45am. The clock is on in the arena so there should be no excuses.
  2. Arena bookings are currently limited to three slots per single member or family per week to
    ensure that everyone has access to the arena. You cannot attend the arena more than 3 times per
    week initially. You MUST book your slot prior to use with the online booking system without
    If you have any questions regarding any of these rules please email your queries to
    The CCTV cameras are operative and will be monitored by members of the Committee. If anyone is
    found not complying with any of these rules, they will be banned from using the facilities with
    immediate effect.
    These rules have been put in place to protect everyone and allow for horses to be exercised in a
    controlled environment and under strict collaboration with the States of Guernsey.
    These rules are subject to change at short notice, please ensure that you keep up to date with
    communications from the Committee and the States of Guernsey.
    Thank you for your consideration and adherence to these rules.
    BS Committee
    5th February 2021


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