March 2016 News Letter

It’s March already, the mornings and evenings are drawing out and the season will soon be in full swing. It may even stop raining soon and allow the ground to dry out! With that in mind we thought we should let you know what we have been up to over the first few months

of the year and give you and give you an update on

some of the show ground projects and other thing that

have been going on.

All-Weather fencing

The all-weather fencing is in a pretty sorry state. The choices we had

were to continue repairing the wooden fence and incur the annual cost of

doing that, or invest in a new fence made from a man-made material that

will last for many years with minimal annual maintenance. After careful

consideration we have decided to replace the whole fence with a manmade

material that is durable and will not rot. The fencing is essentially

made from recycled plastic and is finished to look very similar to wood.

We expect the fencing to have a life of at least 20 years with minimal

maintenance required each year. The fencing is readily available and so

if we decide to extend the all-weather in the future, then it can be easily


The replacement fencing has been ordered and we expect the

installation work to be undertaken and we will let you know the

installation dates as soon as they are fixed.

Sand School

The main problem with the sand school is that over the years the sides

have banked up to the extent that it has made the area into something

similar to a swimming pool. Basically, it’s great at holding water and poor

at letting it escape. In addition there is very little sand left in the middle

which can cause issues if the clay subsoil gets exposed. Clay is very

slippery when wet!!

In consultation with local ground works specialists, we have looked at

various options to address the drainage and lack of sand. We have

concluded that the best and most cost-effective option for the club will be

to re-profile the edges of the school, in particular by the Derby Field to

provide a better and more effective escape route for the water. Sufficient

sand has been sourced to top-up the school and we hope to undertake

the work between 29 March and 13 April.


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