Subscriptions fall due annually on 1 January and must be paid by 31st January to remain a member of Guernsey Equestrian LBG.

Junior Members are such before the calendar year in which 17years old is attained.

Associate Members are such from the beginning of calendar year when 16years old until the calendar year in which 19 is attained & must compete on a horse.

In order to register a horse or pony, the owner must be a Senior Riding Member or an Owner Member. All Junior or Junior Associate members must have at least one parent or guardian who is also a member.


Each year of membership requires 3 stints from every riding member. These stints will be required one in the first third of the year, one in the second and one in the third. There will be no ability to carry these hours forward; they must be performed in the year to which they apply. Members competing in the Horse of the Year Show and the XC Challenge will be required to perform additional stints.

Parents / Guardians of children who are junior members will be required to perform the hours on behalf of the child. Associate members may be able to perform their own duties in appropriate circumstances, e.g. course building/gate duty/ timekeeping.

Each member will be asked for a preferred date/time to assist but if three booked sessions or attempts to book are refused then entries for affiliated shows & rallies will be suspended until their assistance session is completed. There will be no exceptions.

The Helper Co-ordinating Officer will retain details of minimum assistance sessions organised, performed and missed.

Please note, registration WILL NOT be accepted without a completed helpers form


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